Our renewed love for Film Photography

Emily and I have always loved shooting on film but just hadn't made it a priority the past few years. We still love shooting digital, but shooting film just feels like a breath of fresh air. Besides the look and advantages of film stocks, (which may be for another post) there's something about waiting days or weeks to see the results that help me focus and appreciate the memories I'm photographing. Because I'm not living the moment through a screen, I actually experience what's in front of me.

Now that we're parents we naturally love photographing the boys, and digital is still the best way to go when you have uncontrollable crazies that require dozens of shots to get one good one. But when shooting on film, I become much more selective and less demanding of them. With film I've also learned to embrace the mistakes. And with mistakes come personality. 

The scans always surprise me. Sometimes I forget even taking certain photos, and those end up being my favorites. There is a clear and important line between my actual memory of an event and the photos themselves. I love that. 

For Christmas last year I got Emily a mint-condition vintage Canonet 35mm camera to compliment my more modern Rebel K2 I got while in undergrad. We're obviously not the most experienced film photographers and have a lot to learn, but we've had fun the last few months. We've enjoyed rediscovering quirks, film stocks, and finding out how much harder it is to photograph little kids on film. Film has definitely made me a more confident, trusting, and deliberate photographer. Here are a few of my favorite shots I took the past few months.