What inspires me is to create and work with beautiful images that generate honest and lasting emotions from an audience. I work with all forms and phases of video and multimedia production for narrative, non-fiction, commercial, marketing, and personal projects. I also may or may not like Ritz crackers a bit too much.

Work Process

I've been lucky to have worked with myriad types of video shoots; whether I'm one of 50 people on a sound stage or doing a one-man-band freelance project.  I tend to look at filmmaking in a holistic fashion, meaning even if I have one role on a project I understand and can communicate my needs clearly to other collaborators. That's crucial in a medium that balances artistic sensibilities and technical jargon.

I received my training through a BFA in theatre-film and new media and MFA in film production, but I've been making movies since I can remember. It's a passion of mine that I'm lucky enough to be able to continue doing.

I live in Nebraska because it's a special place to me and my family. My wife is a fascinating writer and professional photographer. My two boys are full of life and bring (mostly) nothing but smiles.

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